Company Obligation

  1. We make a thorough survey of the site and therefore develop an integrated security plan for the property.
  1. The company is committed to provide security officers set the highest degree of efficiency, training and decent appearance.
  1. Committed to the service provider to train security officers for 3 days at the company’s headquarters on the standard security regulations of the company instruction overall security of all service enters centers within the site.
  1. All honest company personnel are there for handpicked and must conform to the minimum requirements in terms of academic qualification, literacy, oral, competence and security/criminal clearance.
  1. We examine their mental and physical abilities to see how absorbed any position exposed to.
  1. Management is committed to appoint a specialist trainer on level of experience to pass on the sites and training the personnel to handle all appropriate emergencies.
  1. Permanent and continuous contact with the client through the senior management of the company to recognize the most important demands and meet them.
  1. Management is committed to amend and correct all the notes and irregularities that may appear during the performance of the security officers of their duties with 24 hours of receiving the author.
  1. Management’s commitment to replace the security officer improper or careless or in accordance with the desire of the client within 48 hours without objection from the operation department.
  1. Service provider is committed to pass periodic continuous and sudden through operations management and inspection control during day shift and night shift.
  1. Management is committed to provide 2 set of uniform for each security officer every 6 months.
  1. Management is committed to achieving all the requirements of the client in the selection of appropriate security officer in terms of nationality, qualification and licensed by The DPS (Dubai Productive System) department.
  1. Training on spots during the duty.
  1. Provide the booklet to all security officers, containing all instruction for security issue, first aid, fire fighting and evacuation plan.
  1. Training on the style of receiving visitors
  1. Prevention measures professional.
  1. We believe that an exemplary customer service can only be delivered if the security personnel are trained to the same high standard.
  1. The company is committed to providing an insurance policy against theft of 50,000 AED for the benefit of the client.
  1. The company is committed to the tasks in charge by the company within the site and not outside the limits.
  1. The Company is committed for all the belongings of the clients within the site including the deliveries and receivable items.