Executive Action Points

  1. Offer price principled by Marketing and Sales.
  2. Receiving their client’s needs of the services required and displayed by the company.
  3. Determine the number of individuals required by the client (male or female) and nationality.
  4. Preview the overall work of the site and identify service centers imposed its presence within the site and prepared by Operations management.
  5. Notify the client of the observations and the security gaps, if any.
  6. Determine the timing of the receipt of the site to be sufficient time before receipt.
  7. Determine the timing of presentation of the security plan for the site by managing the operations of the company to the customer to modify the notes or additions may appear by the client.
  8. Coordination with the client during the development of sustainable security regulations for each service center in the line with the instruction facility management (client).
  9. The work of the theoretical training within the company for a period of three days for all the security staff before receiving site and the implementation of service.
  10. The work of actual training for two days within the site to learn about.
  11. Determine the books required to work within the site and own service centers and presented to the client prior to their work out.